Our Roasts

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All of our coffees are roasted in small batches on a Diedrich IR-7. These coffee roasters are known for their capability of creating a clean and delicious cup of coffee. Diedrich roasters have a smaller carbon footprint and while the infrared burners save those gas emissions from the environment they also spare them in every batch of coffee. Roasting in small batches allows us to make sure the coffee on our shelves and in our shop stays fresh and doesn’t linger for too long. We believe that the science and art involved in roasting coffee gets lost in mass production. Our coffee is sourced from high quality farms from around the world and cherished each step of the way, eventually making its way to your cup. We want each of our coffees to be a new experience that brings out the inherent flavors and aromatics of the beans.

Ethiopia Limu - $12 | 12oz

The lightest roast we offer with notes of fruity lime, jasmine, and wheat. Its brighter acidity is balanced with a heavy body and full flavor profile. A favorite for pour overs.

Guatemala Antigua - $12 | 12oz

A bright cup of coffee with chocolatey notes and a smooth palette. Most of the original RRR lovers refer to this coffee as “Full City.” Commonly referred to as a breakfast roast, or a light/ medium roast.

Organic Mexico Chiapas- $12 | 12oz

The Chiapas region is quickly making a name for itself- coffee from this region brews into juicy round cups that show off notes of nuttiness and blueberries. We roast this coffee nice and light to bring out those sweet notes. We love this roast as a cold brew!

Costa Rica Tarrazu- $12 | 12oz

Our Costa Rican coffee is a bold cup of dark chocolate aromatics without the bite. As the darkest roast we offer, this coffee provides all of the rich flavor and aroma of a dark roast without any sort of burned flavor. The Costa Rica region is known as one of the best coffee regions in the world and we couldn’t agree more!

Hill Country Blend- $12 | 12oz Costa Rica + Guatemala

Not all coffee should be blended but these two Central American beans are the perfect pair. The blend showcases those bright citrusy notes of the Guatemala Isabella and rounds out the end of the shot with a clean chocolatey mouth feel. We use this blend for our espresso in the café but these beans can be used for any coffee brewing preference and tends to fly off of our shelves when we have it bagged up for retail.

SWP Decaf Colombia- $12 | 12oz

Swiss Water Process is a chemical free decaffeination process. Our decaf coffee is great for those coffee drinkers who don’t love the caffeine but still want a rich full bodied cup of coffee.