Our Roasts

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All of our coffees are roasted in small batches on a Diedrich IR-7 and IR-12. These coffee roasters are known for their capability of creating a clean and delicious cup of coffee. Diedrich roasters have a smaller carbon footprint and while the infrared burners save those gas emissions from the environment they also spare them in every batch of coffee. Roasting in small batches allows us to make sure the coffee on our shelves and in our shop stays fresh and doesn’t linger for too long. We believe that the science and art involved in roasting coffee gets lost in mass production. Our coffee is sourced from high quality farms from around the world and cherished each step of the way, eventually making its way to your cup. We want each of our coffees to be a new experience that brings out the inherent flavors and aromatics of the beans.

Ethiopia Abana – Anderacha Lot

We’re thrilled to bring back our first direct trade coffee for a second year! Reed, our GM, has known Mike Omran for several years now, and Mike owns the Abana Coffee Estate in the Oromia region of southwestern Ethiopia. Situated around 2,000 meters above sea level, the team at Abana produces wonderful coffees every year, and the Anderacha lot is separated for its beautiful and prototypical washed-process Ethiopian flavor profile. With notes of complex florals, honey, and Meyer lemon, this coffee is sure to delight and have you coming back for more. We love it as a pour over.

Hill Country Blend - Huila and Tolima Columbia

The regions of Huila and Tolima have been growing wonderful coffee for decades, and we are thrilled to carry a few for our flagship blend! We take this blend into a solid medium roast level to pull out a deep, sweet chocolate note with a hint of walnut and a heavy mouthfeel. We love this blend because it’s a truly versatile coffee that works well across multiple brewing methods.

Guatemala Ayarza

We've worked with our friends at Onyx Coffee to source another delicious Guatemalan coffee this year. Located in the Santa Rosa department of Guatemala, the El Porvenir Cooperative represents 9 families and 28 different farms and produces the Ayarza series year after year. We purchased the naturally (or dry) processed lot this year to use as our house espresso because we love its brownie like sweetness and undertones of sweet berries in the acidity.

Costa Rica La Naciente

This coffee hails from the Dota Valley in Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Arturo Naciente regularly uses the honey process, which is a hybrid between the traditional washed and natural methods, to remove the beans from his coffee cherries. This method usually delivers sweeter notes to the coffee, and the Naciente doesn't disappoint, with notes of brown sugar, mango, and strawberry. This is a current staff favorite on drip.

The 965 Blend

We've renamed our house dark roast to better reflect where we're from, and we figured the farm road that heads towards Enchanted Rock was a great way to do that! Currently sourced from Papua New Guinea, the 965 Blend has pleasing notes of tobacco, chocolate, and hazelnut, and as always we strive to deliver the smoothest dark roast we can while still bringing the depth of roast that our dark roast drinkers love.

SWP Decaf columbia

The Swiss Water Process is a chemical free decaffeination process, using only carbon and steam. Our decaf coffee is great for those coffee drinkers who don’t love the caffeine but still want a rich full bodied cup of coffee. This is a lighter roast with pleasant hints of molasses and raisins.